Sketching William sketches of a scruffy hound - and sometimes I add a little orange terror called Hamish

The sketches....... often a quick pen outline ~ sometimes a photo and work from that.

I draw what he gets up to, no matter how the finished drawing looks. I hope you enjoy seeing them......ann

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"Oh no you don't"

(not sure how long my slippers will survive)

Just couldn't get his attention...

...he was meant to pose for the camera,

instead he watched a squirrel,

"fine, another time then William"!

You would think William is just trotting along in front minding his own business.....WRONG....

...He's actually LISTENING to what we are saying.


Because he ALWAYS wants to be IN FRONT

The SECOND we turn around
William HURTLES to be in front of us.

We are his 'followers' it would seem.